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Should you invest in Local SEO?

First, what is “SEO?” It stands for Search Engine Optimization. A search engine is a website you use to find where something is on the internet. Google is a search engine. So are Yahoo and Bing. “Optimization” simply means that we make it easy for search engines to match what people are searching for with what’s on your website.

It takes a lot of time, energy and resources, and a deep understanding of how search engines work to be able to fully optimize a website. And optimizing a website that serves a local community works quite differently than one that caters to a national or worldwide audience.

Additionally, optimizing a website so that it shows up in the first ten results of a search (page one) is even more challenging. That’s because everyone wants to show up on page one — being one of the first ten results in Google is the greatest source of free advertising ever invented. (Very few searchers go to page two or beyond.)

But in addition to the regular, natural (AKA “organic”) search results, there are also the paid ads that show up on the page. So…

Why not just buy paid ads (“PPC” or “pay-per-click”)? After all, SEO isn’t instant. It takes time to optimize your site. Buying ad space is quick (assuming the ad gets approved).

This is a reasonable response and a common question asked of digital marketers by prospective clients. The answer is simple. Let’s look at it from two angles.

1. Power: Pay-per-click does’t help your website become any more powerful. It’s a temporary fix. And that’s okay if you are advertising something time sensitive like a Labor Day sale or upcoming event. But doesn’t it make sense to build your website so that it has staying power in good times or bad, through all seasons?

Search engine optimization (“SEO”) gradually moves your website into a valuable, powerful, long-term digital asset.

2. Leads: Most significantly, the massive difference in total potential leads you can pull in from the natural listings of local SEO is an irresistible advantage that should not be denied.

Let’s look at a quick example:

Let’s say that on average 1,000 people a monthchart-ppc-vs-organic-for-seo-min search for “Atlanta personal injury lawyer.”
There will be seven pay-per-click advertisers all fighting to receive 10 – 15% of the clicks. Yes, that’s right, recent data shows only 10-15% of searchers will click one of the pay-per-click ads. So all seven lawyers are competing for 1/7 of 100-150 leads out of 1,000 searches. That’s 14-21 leads per lawyer, and maybe 2 who actually hire you.

Of course, you know that’s not enough to really grow your business.

On the other hand, the top few natural search results (not PPC) will receive over 60% of the traffic.

Would you rather have 10 leads per month or 500+? The math and the answer are both simple.

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