How to Share Access to your Online Marketing Properties

From a 30,000 foot view, what you’ll need to get your search engine marketing campaign cranked up is to grant access to your SEO Pro so s/he can get inside and optimize your online properties. We’ll start with the most important ones.

This includes (at a minimum):

  1. WordPress
  2. Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools)
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google My Business
  5. YouTube
  6. A company email address
  7. LinkedIn Company page
  8. Facebook Company page
  9. Any other social media accounts you already have set up

Below are instructions for granting us access to each of those online properties.

Please note: optimizing those properties is a major part of the foundation of search engine optimization. If we cannot access those properties quickly right from the start, it will significantly slow down your progress and lower your opportunity for success. Please do this right away.


1. WordPress

In the off chance your website is not built on WordPress and we have decided to work together anyway, disregard this section.

This is the most important. If you don’t do anything else right now, at least get you SEO Pro set up with access to your site’s WordPress dashboard. You can either simply share your existing wordpress login credentials (preferred), or add your SEO Pro as a new user.

To add a new user,

  1. login to your wordpress dashboard
  2. on the left, look for Users
  3. hover over and click Add New  add-wordpress-user-1
  4. on the next screen, give your SEO Pro a username (doesn’t matter what it is) and enter the email address they said to use. Make sure to check the box next to Send User Notification to save yourself from having to do that yourself.add-wordpress-user-2
  5. For Role, select Administrator add-wordpress-user-3
  6. Click Add New User and you’re done.

Excellent! Official instructions for here:

Adding a user to your Google Search Console is easy. (If you have not yet added your website to Search Console, follow the instructions on this page:

All you need to do is login, click on your website, click the gear icon and use the email address your SEO Pro asked you to use. Make sure to select the “Full” access option.


Google will send your Pro an email with a link to accept access. Official Google instructions here:


3. Google Analytics

Your SEO Pro is a Google Analytics wizard, so s/he will need access right away. First, login to your GA account at If you have not set up your Analytics account yet, follow the instructions on this page:

After you’re logged in, simply go to the Admin tab, click on the website we’re working on, then User Management and Add Permissions.add-google-analytics-user-1

User the email address your SEO Pro gave you, and make sure to select “Edit” for the permission level.


That’s it! Official Google instructions here:


4. Google My Business

Optimizing your Google My Business (“GMB”) profile is one of the first and most important tasks we will tackle. Fortunately, Google makes it easy to grant access to your SEO Pro.

  1. Login to  GMB at and switch to “card” view if that isn’t the default when you login
  2. Click Manage Location for your primary business listing
  3. Next, at the top-left click the three horizontal lines  
  4. Click Manage Usersadd-gmb-user-1
  5. Click Invite New Managers
  6. Type in the Gmail address your SEO Pro gave youadd-gmb-user-3
  7. Select “Manager” (not Communications manager) for roleadd-gmb-user-4

Good job! Official Google instructions here:


5. YouTube

Did you know YouTube is the second most used search engine? Having at least some sort of YouTube presence is non-negotiable. And optimizing your channel and videos so people can find you is an important part of our job.

There are two ways to grant access to your YouTube channel.

One way — the way we and Google prefer — is to link your YouTube channel to what they call a “Brand Account.” I’ll let their own short video explain how to add a manager… (it’s easy)

There are advantages and disadvantages to linking your channel to a Brand Account, which we won’t go into here.

If it is not already linked to a Brand Account, the easiest thing is simply to copy and paste your username and password into an email and shoot it to your SEO Pro.

Additionally, if you do not have a YouTube account for your business yet, we will be happy to set one up for you. Just let us know.

Official instructions from YouTube on adding a manager here:

6. Company Email Address

Some online properties require the person managing the account to have an official company email address. So, for those instances, please provide your SEO Pro with a company email account including username, password and instructions for accessing it.

It’s best to use something generic like or or something like that.

If you need the name of a great IT support company, let your SEO Pro know and s/he will hook you up.


7. LinkedIn

(Feel free to alert us if this section is out of date — LinkedIn loves to change the way their site looks and works.) These instructions are for your LinkedIn Company page, not your Personal page. LinkedIn is such a powerful property that in some cases, your SEO Pro may be able to get your Company page to rank even higher than your website. We want to rank as many of your properties as we can in the first ten Google search results.

  1. login to your Personal LinkedIn profile and add your SEO Pro as a connection if s/he hasn’t already added you first
  2. then navigate to your Company page by hovering over your profile picture at the top-right of the page, then clicking on Manage next to Company Page.add-linkedin-access-1
  3. click the blue Edit buttonlinkedin-access-3
  4. if you are using the new company page interface, go to the top-right and click on Admin Tools and Manage Admins — otherwise, scroll down to the section titled Company Page Admins — then type your SEO Pro’s name into the field under Designated Adminsadd-linkedin-admin
  5. click your Pro’s name, now they are added as an Admin on your Company page (if their name doesn’t come up it means either you aren’t connected yet, or the name is spelled wrong)

Nice job! Official instructions from LinkedIn here:

8. Facebook

You definitely want your company Facebook page optimized and verified if you want the best chance of getting more visitors to your website (which of course you do because that’s why you partnered with us!).

  1. Login to your Facebook account, go to your company page
  2. Click Settings at the top of your pageadd-facebook-admin-1
  3. Then click Page Roles on the left
  4. If your SEO Pro has already “friended” you, type in their name. Otherwise, type in the email address s/he gave you.add-facebook-admin-2
  5. The default option is Editor, but it is best to choose Admin. Click Add, and you are set.

Nice job. Here are the official instructions from Facebook:


9. Other Social Media

We will be establishing your brand across many new social media accounts. For the ones you have already set up, the drill is much the same as the ones above. Either add your SEO Pro as an Admin, or provide your username and password (Lastpass is what we use for sharing credentials).