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forsyth county cumming georgia seo companySEO is often thrown around as a buzzword in the business community—but what does it mean and how can a Forsyth local SEO, online marketing agency help accomplish sales targets and other important business goals?

First things first, it is imperative to understand exactly what SEO is. A simple acronym for Search Engine Optimization, SEO typically describes an activity that attempts to improve a product or business in online search engine rankings. This is incredibly important when you consider that a whopping 94% of people look to the Internet before they make a purchasing decision. For example, when you search for something on Google, the search engine displays links to pages it considers authoritative and relative. This authority is typically measured via an algorithm that closely analyzes the quality and number of links from other web sites. To put it in the simplest terms, your website has the potential to rank high on a Google search as long as other web sites link to it. This involves an approach focusing on the correct wording or branding, and writing content that readers find engaging or useful so that it is shared in Twitter feeds, on blogs, and on other websites.

94% of people look to the Internet before they make a purchasing decision

While this may initially seem insignificant, take a moment and consider your own Google searches. It is probably pretty rare that you drill down into the third or fourth pages in a search, isn’t it? Successful local SEO in Forsyth ensures that your site gets picked up and placed on the first page of search results—where it is far more likely to be clicked on.

With that said, you’re probably looking to improve your position and search engine ranking. While this is imperative to online success, but it’s also competitive, as this is a shared goal among all online businesses.

Competitive, but not impossible. The first step to successful strategy is looking local. That’s right—local. You might be wondering “why should I hire local SEO consultant?”

First, consider your demographic. Do you rely heavily on a local client base or market your business hyper locally? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then hiring a firm with local SEO experience is vital to online search engine ranking success. We’ll count down the top reasons in further detail below.

1. A local SEO expert will have tons of experience with your area of interest and community. This is perhaps the most obvious, but a local firm will know and understand the culture, which should not be underestimated. They’ll immediately know what restaurants and nightlife are hot. They’ll know the desirable areas of town. They’ll know local food, colloquialisms, festivals, sports teams—the list is virtually endless. But it’s important to understand why this matters. Potential clients want to feel as though a product, brand, or company fully meets their needs and speaks to them on their level—with phrasing that is familiar and evokes the emotion of comfort and home. People also take great pride in supporting something they view as local.

2. Local SEO firms also know the businesses in your area, meaning they can pinpoint potential partners, as well as competitors. Additionally, you’ll often find that local SEO companies truly care, and are invested in, the online success of their clients.

3. Local experts should be aware of any restrictions or regulations that apply to your city or geographic demographic. While pretty simple, this can cut down on a ton of red tape and wasted time. Although, we’ve found Forsyth County, GA to be very accommodating to business!

4. A local marketing expert will also spend the time it takes to keep your website optimized as SEO trends change. Search engine optimization isn’t static. It evolves constantly, and so should your strategy. Sure, global or national firms will stay abreast of changes, but local firms will know the hyper local trends. This is worth its weight in gold.

5. Finally, local Search Engine Marketing consultants tend to provide superior service, which organically extends from our first point in that they also understand the unique local culture. A firm that is right down the road from you is far more likely to quickly respond to questions or concerns—and with heightened service—over a firm or SEO agency that is located five states away in a different time zone. Simply put, local experts are typically more accountable.

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