Looking For A Local SEO Agency In Georgia?

We provide local search engine optimization in GA for several service areas, including…

Forsyth County and Cumming (headquarters), Alpharetta, Gainesville, Dahlonega, Cleveland, Dawsonville and most of Metro Atlanta.

Here are a few of the ways we help you show up in Google for your organization’s keywords.

3 Ways to Get Your Business Ranked Higher for Local Searches

Appearances matter. And how you show up in Google is no exception. You want to show up as near the top of the results as you can, ideally the first listing.

There is a de facto psychological benefit from showing up at the top, because when you do the person searching automatically assumes you are better than the other hundreds of listings.

After all, Google shows the best results first, right? While that’s not always true, it is often assumed. So our job at Blue Fire SEO™ is to get you to the top!

Now, we’re not going to reveal our complete secret recipe, but here are a few big pieces.

  1. Citations: We will go through your business’s listings all across the internet and correct errors, eliminate unhelpful citations and suppress duplicates entries, which harm your chances of ranking higher. One of the keys to Google having a clear picture of your business is to make sure your name, address and phone are exactly the same everywhere. We start with your Google Business listing, and spread out from there. Citations are fundamental to Local SEO.
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    credit: business.google.com

    Google Business: Your Google Business listing is the most important of all your citations. We will fill out your listing completely, including images taken at or near your location (if possible) to prove geo-relevance, and determine the best primary and additional categories that match what searches are looking for. Additionally, Google continues to update their interface, making it more user-friendly and adding new capabilities such as being able to message your business directly from within Google. They even allow to you create a simple website if you don’t already have one.

  3. Structured Data and Schema Markup: This is one of the least used and most valuable local SEO tasks. Simply adding “Local Business” schema.org markup to the code on your website is one of the best ways to you can make it clear to search engines who you are, what you dowhere your business is located and where you are online.

In conclusion, whether you hire Blue Fire SEO™, another agency or do it yourself, you must–at a minimum–make sure you have those three areas covered. They really are the foundation of local SEO.

Of course, we would be happy to talk to you about being your go-to search engine marketing company! The first step is to fill out the Discovery questionnaire. We will review your information and get you a complimentary video analysis of your current website.

If nothing else, you get a professional analysis that you can use as a launch pad to improve your search engine rankings.

Hopefully we will chat soon!